Marriage Agencies Versus Dating Websites: Pros And Cons

In the past, people used to find life partners through mutual connections or chance encounters in public places. Nowadays, when the pace of life is hectic, we rarely find the time for going out. Men and women are consumed by their career lives, which leaves little room for dating. In such conditions, how can they engage in any meaningful interactions? Today, there are two options available – dating or marriage agencies and dating websites. How do these compare, and should you consider joining either of them?

Dating Websites: Pros and Cons

Some dating sites are free, others offer free trials, but the fees are rarely prohibitive anyway, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship. These websites connect millions of people, but they are often used by scammers, spammers, and people looking for a fling.

The rise of apps has made our society aesthetically-driven to the point where we mindlessly swipe left and right based on a single picture. In addition, photos may be heavily airbrushed and profile information may be misleading, causing expectations that are never met. After all, everyone wants to make themselves appear attractive.

However, discovering that someone looks nothing like their profile photo is no pleasure. Additionally, if dating sites match you based on a questionnaire, nobody can guarantee that the candidate’s answers are accurate. Whether it’s a dating app or a website, be patient. Do invest time and energy in creating a sleek and informative profile, take initiative and contact members proactively.

Marriage Agencies: Pros and Cons

Since the advance of the internet, dating and marriage agencies have also been reinventing themselves. Decades ago, you had to view photos in their offices, but now the matchmaking is done online. It mostly caters to people looking for serious relationships and marriage, as the approach is more serious. You may be asked to fill in a questionnaire detailing your requirements to a potential partner and deal breakers.

Remember that the candidates you eventually contact are also paying for the service, and hence are just as serious. With agencies, the screening process is relatively more complex. The standard procedure includes the following step-by-step sequence:

  • fill out a questionnaire;
  • review matches;
  • contact by email;
  • contact by phone;
  • face-to-face meeting.

Candidates may be matched based on psychological profiles, as well as similarity of tastes, values, political views, etc. Tools for anonymity and unwanted contact may also be offered. People may post photos from the younger/thinner years, and try to look more successful than they are.

Finally, as an agency becomes more popular, it may become difficult to manage the database, and matchmaking gets simplified. However, the main advantages of a reliable agency are that it connects family oriented people, there are more matching criteria, profiles are better checked, and the scam is minimized.

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