Why Being Successful Is Important for Finding Your Other Half

Many people live in the hope of finding a perfect partner without having to make any efforts. Unfortunately, in our modern and expensive world, it tends to be impossible as being kind and caring alone is no longer enough. Personal success and financial independence are two things that numerous people see as the desired attribute of their potential partners. In fact, both men and women are more likely to consider dating someone if they deem this person successful. Why is that and how is success measured?

Why Women Are Attracted to Men’s Financial Independence

Contrary to popular stereotypes, the fact that many women react positively to the success of their potential partner is not dictated by their greed or inability to support themselves. Many women actually earn more than men — however, they’re still interested in the success of the partner.

Women’s growing independence means that they are not willing to satisfy themselves with the smallest crumbles of their partners’ attention anymore. They want to be sure that if they form a family, both parties will contribute to its development. Women want security and they don’t want to be the sole breadwinners striving to earn enough for kids, for the house, and for the family in general.

Why Men Are Attracted to Women’s Success

Men have a similar reason for being attracted to women’s independence. Contrary to a well-known myth, not only opposites attract — similar individuals do, too. Achieving success says a lot about someone as a person. It means that they’re determined, wilful, and able to work for what they want. Naturally, it’s an intriguing combination that men go for regardless of how successful they themselves are.

Degrees of Success

What if you’re at the stage of your life where achieving some major success doesn’t seem likely? If you’re an average man and women around you prefer more successful candidates, just look at other countries. For example, by using a credible dating or marriage agency, you’ll be able to find a smart girl successful in her own right who will appreciate what you have due to several reasons:

  • Foreign women are often from much poorer countries, meaning that a small income in the US will seem like a fortune to them;
  • Poor countries have high rates of unemployment, so if you have a work, whatever  it is, these women will already consider you successful;
  • Just your country of residence will appear as an achievement to them.

Thus, never underestimate the allure of success. If you don’t have much for it, don’t give up. Remember that success is subjective.

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