Typical Problems In The Way Of Finding True Love

Love is a wonderful and mystical irrational feeling that we all pursue at some stage in our lives. Before the digital age, when the Internet had not yet taken over all spheres of human activity,  people managed to find their life partners at work or public places, through mutual connections or chance encounters. Somehow, these methods worked for our parents and grandparents, and all the preceding generations of mankind.

If you have sufficient spare time, you could still try your luck the old-school way. However, today, life is so fast-paced and careers are so demanding that single people rarely fit dating into their busy schedules. The Internet has given them convenient tools for search. They may resort to dating apps, websites LadaDate or dating agencies, which all have their pros and cons. What are the main drawbacks one might face?

Online Dating Pitfalls

The primary negative consequence of online dating boom is that our focus is glued to physical appearance. It is natural for men to be drawn by women’s good looks, but now even women will mindlessly swipe left or right in the dating app based on a single picture, not even bothering to open full profile information. The seeming abundance of choice makes us casually dismiss the value of personality traits.

First impressions are simply crucial, as your profile photo may either attract or deter your true second half. Hence, you have to invest time, thought and possibly money (for a sleek professional photo shoot). It is best to include both high-quality headshots and full-length images, with pictures showing different positive aspects of your personality, your hobbies, etc. – this will help your potential date to start and develop a conversation.

Another drawback is that dating apps have hundreds of users looking for a fling while pretending to be seeking a serious relationship. This is something that may not come up until the first disastrous date, with a bitter aftertaste. One more problem is the presence of fake profiles, spam or even scammers trying to manipulate you into parting with your money.

This may be less of a problem on paid dating websites or dating agency sites, where the sorting processes are more complex. A serious agency may use psychological tests to determine compatibility, rather than matching based on simple criteria.

Treat Your Search Like An Adventure

When searching for true lasting love, patience is a key. Do not rush into finding just anyone who likes you. Finding love should never feel like a duty or a burden. And ironically, it is often when you take your mind off something, that it finally happens.

So register on dating sites, contact agencies, give true love ways to find you but treat the whole experience like a fun adventure, rather than some urgent quest. Desperation and neediness are hardly attractive. Be proactive and you will attract love. This might take a while, but it is worth waiting. With such an attitude, the search will feel less stressful, and the result certainly won’t seem fake or contrived.

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