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Monday, December 16th, 2002

Awaiting news about the NYC transit strike last night, I remained unsure as to how to proceed with today's SALAAM 3rd Mondays (S3M) event.  And after the midnight deadline, I was still left at the edge of my couch not knowing what to do.  Now the clock has been stopped, the deadline has passed and the negotiations continue.  No decision has been made and this has triggered a significant number of concerned commuters to cancel their reservations for tonight's event.  The feeling is that the transit strike MIGHT still happen and folks don't want to get stuck away from home tonight.  I had hoped a decision would be made by 12 noon but that hasn't happened and after speaking with the performers and volunteers, we have decided to CANCEL tonight's SALAAM 3rd Mondays event.

We hope the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) arrive at a decision very soon and SALAAM stands firmly in solidarity with the transit workers who make the city move.  Their fight is the fight of all workers -- of all people!

Peace, Paz, Paix, Shanti, Shalom and SALAAM,
Geeta Citygirl

for more info on the negotiations, check out:

This event has been canceled due to the possible NYC Transit Strike:

SALAAM 3rd Mondays
Buy Me...
Living in a Material World

featuring theatre, dance, film & comedy including...

Comedienne Vijai Nathan celebrates her birthday so any material gifts will do!

a screening of Ashish Porecha's short film, Chamatkaaray (Miracles) where an Indian family takes a spiritual journey encountering miracles along the way.

Gayathri Shakthi Arumugham shares traditional dance in a non-traditional way.

our monthly Community Corner with folks from Not in Our Name.

our monthly Tunefulness musical segment with Jeet Thayil's Bombay Down sharing Furious Narratives of Love & Loss featuring Jeet Thayil (poems, guitar), Paul Rubenstein (ubertar) and Senti Toy (vocals).  Bombay Down go "beyond fusion and into the zone where all art exists," in the words of poet and impresario Bob Holman of the Bowery Poetry Club.

and your Emcee/Host Geeta Citygirl.

traditional Q&A and reception with wine, soda and Indian appetizers to follow

SALAAM Theatre at AAWW
16 West 32nd Street - 10th floor
Between Fifth Avenue and Broadway
Manhattan, NYC

Admission: $5 minimum suggested donation
Reservations RECOMMENDED:
Phone: 212.330.8097

SALAAM is a not-for-profit professional theatre company celebrating South Asian American artistic excellence through creative risk-taking and experimentation that challenges all boundaries, connects all peoples and links all the arts.

Geeta Citygirl, Artistic Director
SALAAM  (South Asian League of Artists in AMerica)

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