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Monday, September 15, 2003 - 7:00 PM

SALAAM 3rd Mondays
Two Remember
reflecting on the past two years...two towers...
too much blood... too many tears... too much...

Featuring theatre, film, dance & comedy with

Jude Narita
This Award Winning Playwright/Performer/Artist will grace our SALAAM stage with two pieces - "Strong Heart" and "For Your Family".  Jude Narita destroys stereotypes as she celebrates our differences and illuminates our universal humanity.  Jude Narita, international actor/writer started writing and performing her own works after becoming frustrated by the lack of available roles, and with the continual portrayals in the media, of demeaning and one-dimensional stereotypes of Asian women without dignity or understanding. Narita is best known for her award-winning one-woman plays which celebrate the lives of Asian and Asian American women: COMING INTO PASSION/SONG FOR A SANSEI, Stories Waiting To Be Told, Celebrate Me Home, Walk The Mountain, and With Darkness Behind Us, Daylight Has Come.  Narita's plays have characters who are: Japanese American, Korean American, Chinese American, Flipino, Cambodian, or Vietnamese.  Winner of "Best Actress in a Short Film for "The Nisei Farmer"-- 2003 Method Fest

Saad Sarwana
Saad grew up in Pakistan, and moved to Canada and eventually the US for college, where he completed a Masters Degree in Physics. He 's a published scientist, and works in Superconductivity, but in his free time he continues to make people laugh as "Pakistan's #1 Comic". Saad will get you thinking with his sharp humor about racial profiling and being a Pakistani living in the US.

Bhaswati Bhattacharya
presenting an excerpt of Robert Chappell's documentary film
HEALERS: A Journey Into Ayurveda
Trained as a pharmacologist and international public health specialist before developing skills as a healer and as a preventive medicine physician, Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya became interested in holistic and alternative medicines from her family ancestry of Ayurvedic and Sanskrit scholars and a biomedically-trained father.  Premiered on the Discovery Channel in July 2003, Dr. Bhattacharya is featured in this documentary.

NY premiere screening of
Julie Dulani's FUGITIVES
This short film deals with the complexity of patriotism for immigrants in the United States.  Julie Dulani is a desi gender-kweer poet, filmmaker and activist, passionate about speaking the truth fiercely and unapologetically. She is a senior at Oberlin College, majoring in a self-designed (independent) major entitled, "Art for Social Change; an Interdisciplinary Approach." Her shorts were made during a semester program NYU's Tisch School of Arts.

Peter Bulow will present an excerpt from STORIES FROM MY MOTHER
Written in 1994 in Champaign, IL. Peter Bulow's play recounts war stories told by his parents from their own childhood as heard when he was a child, which have then metamorphosed in the process of remembering.  It is about trauma and its ripple effects across generations, about the transformation of experience as it is passed down.  Peter Bulow was born in Orissa, India 1969, lived in Berlin, Germany till age 8 then emigrated to U.S.  Education: B.A Queens College 1991; Medical Scholars Program, University of Illinois; M.F.A. 1995; M.D. 1996; 1996-7 - Volunteer medical internship in village hospital, Maharashtra, India; 1998-2002 - Psychiatric residency, Mount Sinai Hospital, N.Y.  --  Currently working as a psychiatrist.

Peter Bulow will also showcase some of his original sculptures -
Power Towers (Twin Ganesh Soap Towers)
Transplant (Sculpture of a rat with human ear, based on genetic experiment in 2001)
The 97th Street Altarpiece (a clay relief started in 2001 - work in progress)

Subuhi Jiwani will be presenting an original prose piece that will cull elements from various pieces she wrote soon after 9/11/01.

Vennila nr Kain will present Remember & Release
Vennila nr Kain will lead a short guided meditation that aims to release the remnants of our collective shock. Transform our remembrance into a healing energy to promote peace and well being of all beings. Vennila is an actor, poet, dancer and yoga teacher. Vennila is a member of the acclaimed Living Theatre and was recently featured in the Off-Broadway production of Goddess Dance. Her other notable theatrical work include Lovebird with a Mirror and The World of P-Cult on 42nd street. Vennila has been a featured poet in many New York City venues such as Nuyorican Poets Café, Gathering of the Tribes Gallery and Bowery Poets Café.

This month, our monthly Community Corner welcomes friends from The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression & the Criminalization of a Generation.  The October 22nd Coalition is best known for the Stolen Lives Project, which documents the names and stories of those killed at the hands of law enforcement, and also for the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality which falls on October 22nd each year.  In the post-9/11 climate the O22 Coalition is rigorously building bridges between those under the gun of police brutality and those communities currently under seige--especially the South Asian, Arab and Muslim immigrant communities, to raise the level of our collective resistance.

our monthly Tunefulness musical segment
and your Hostess, Geeta Citygirl.


Two tickets to Kayhan Irani's WE'VE COME UNDONE.  Interweaving drama, dance, music and multimedia, this poignant multidisciplinary piece explores the impact of recent legislation on several communities in the US that are experiencing the trauma of detention, disappearance and deportation.
Either for Tuesday or Wednesday September 24th or 25th at 8pm
Chashama Theatre @ Times Square 125 W 42nd Street NYC

Two tickets to the advanced screening of Michael Winterbottom's IN THIS WORLD at Loews 34th Street on September 16th at 7PM.  The film is about the struggle of two Afghan refugees as they bid to escape their homeland and find sanctuary in London. Winterbottom and writer Tony Grisoni chart the arduous journey through Iran, Turkey, Italy, France and finally to the UK, laying bare the perils and hostilities faced by asylum seekers from supposed 'developed' countries. "The story is based on real stories," reported filmmaker Winterbottom. "One million Afghan refugees live in Peshawar. This is the story of two of them."

Two tickets to Betty Shamieh's CHOCOLATE IN HEAT - Growing Up Arab in America for the 8pm performance on Thursday, September 18th at The Tank, 432 West 42nd Street.  A new production of a play by Betty Shamieh.  Directed by Sam Gold.  Performed by Betty Shamieh and Piter Fattouche
A play of interlocking monologues infused with music and dance about love, sex, privilege and the problems of growing up in between two cultures.

Handmade fashion bags by designer Dean Kemp of Kemp Bags.

Traditional Q&A and reception with wine, soda and Indian appetizers to follow.

SALAAM Theatre
16 West 32nd Street - 10th floor
Between Fifth Avenue and Broadway
Manhattan, NYC 10001

$10 suggested
$15 appreciated
$5 minimum

Reservations RECOMMENDED:
Phone: 212.330.8097

"We get arts and activism mixed up."

SALAAM is a not-for-profit professional multidisciplinary theatre company celebrating South Asian American artistic excellence
through creative risk-taking and experimentation that challenges all boundaries, connects all peoples and links all the arts
in the spirit of progressive solidarity.

Geeta Citygirl, Artistic Director
SALAAM Theatre (South Asian League of Artists in AMerica)

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